A Bird of Paradise Comes to Visit

Gorgeously regal with tiny wings flapping, no plant or plastic was he or she.  Only the cutest, bravest live little bird that flew into paradise we call our pandemic playground.

Our winged visitor landed in our playground full of plastic toys and objects Rita and I scoop off our beach and recycle into artworks.

This was a most welcome true bird of paradise who was visiting us. After the few minutes we were astonished to see his beak pressed against our kitchen window as if admiring our view, Rita took our tiny fine-feathered friend gently in hand. 

Gracefully she returned it to the warm, sunny outdoors, back into the air from whence the curious bird had flown in from our balcony.  

If you’ve ever mistaken a plant for a bird, or vice versa, you may have encountered a Bird of Paradise plant, but this was no plant. This natural wonder had real wings and today Rita and I took many pictures of our winged visitor’s unannounced, but delightful arrival.

Without first stopping at the front desk in the lobby for permission, It flew right up into our oceanfront condo apartment to see our pandemic playground extending along our kitchen’s creature-crowded windowsill that recently was featured on local WPTV news.

Does this bird watch TV?

The bird’s visit was a testament to how much the little things in life are now so precious and meaningful to those of us surviving this dreadful pandemic, you might say, like birds of a feather who’ll soon once again flock together.

Tom Madden is an author, speechwriter and public relations expert who is founder and CEO of the international PR firm TransMedia Group (www.transmediagroup.com). Prior to launching the firm in New York City, Madden was Vice President, Assistant to the President, of NBC and was head of PR Planning at American Broadcasting Companies. Among his books are his autobiography “Spin Man” and “King of the Condo,” a murder mystery thriller that satirically depicts life in a Florida condo based on his own harrowing experience as a condo president.  His latest book WORDSHINE MAN is due out this summer. He currently writes a blog called “MaddenMischief’ (https://maddenmischief.com/), which chronicles his sometimes whimsical, comical and critical views on politics, media and other subjects.