Publicist or Media Astronaut?

Feel The Force of JENN As She Blasts Off Clients Into Media Orbit

There’s no PR pro quite like Jennifer Weinstein.  We call her an astro-publicist as the new Executive Vice President of TransMedia Group brings not only a supersonic journalism background, but a stack of media contacts tall as the Empire State Building, having worked for top media outlets from Dateline NBC to FOX News Channel.

She now blasts off in her new PR spaceship, TransMedia Group, placing clients into media orbit. 

Weinstein launched her astronautical, meteoric media career investigating news stories in New York where she grew her media contacts, honed her story development skills and became doggedly determined to uncover news. 

We’re lucky to have someone with as much media altitude and PR experience as we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary launching clients into the publicity stratosphere. In PR you live or die on media contacts you have and Jennifer’s contact tanks are brimful.  

Jenn uncovered investigative story ideas at Dateline NBC, churned out medical, fashion and pop culture segments for FOX news station in Miami, fought for consumer justice at CBS news affiliate in Ft. Myers and conducted major interviews via contract assignments for Inside Edition and E! News.

She also spent several years as a producer for FOX News Channel, covering and uncovering Florida-focused, national news stories ranging from NASA shuttle launches to economic issues and public policy.

On a constant quest for solid news, Jennifer began spinning her daily onslaught of weak PR pitches into credible news content more than 20 years ago. She enjoyed the challenge and creativity so much, she became a Multimedia Consultant/Project Manager for Fleishman-Hillard International Communications’ Broadcast PR Division and later, Senior Producer of Multimedia Content for Vidicom, a global marketing company. 

She developed multimedia strategies for TV, radio and Web.  Her news angles and broadcast content were instrumental in achieving major market placements for such clients as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Schering-Plough and DuPont. Jennifer also produced and directed video news releases, long-form corporate videos, satellite media tours and public services announcements, including “Save the Tigers” for ExxonMobil and “Defeat the Heat” for QTG(Quaker/Tropicana/Gatorade).

Weinstein graduated with a BS in Communications from University of Florida and won an Associated Press Broadcasters Award, a special recognition from Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and other major awards.

Welcome Jenn and have a blast!