After you urged that mob so forcefully to “fight” and march on the Capitol, you need emergency crisis management.  What happened afterward is a despicable event that will live in infamy to the peril of your legacy if you don’t do something right away to counter the strong political tide now running against you.   

You should consider trying what we in PR call crisis management.  So far, you and your staff haven’t done too much of it. 

Yes, it was nice that you asked the rioters to go home and then deplore “the heinous attack” on the United States Capitol. It was proper to express your “outrage” over the violence, lawlessness and mayhem.

It was good you deployed the National Guard and the federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders, reminding them that “America must always be a nation of law and order.”

You were right to say those who infiltrated the capitol have “defiled the seat of American democracy . . . engaged in acts of violence and destruction . . .  and do not represent our country.”

That speech you made was a beginning of halting the flow of infuriating, divisive and inciteful words and actions stemming from your side of the wall.  

Millions are embarrassed for you.  And for our country.  It’s time for you to admit you made some mistakes and say you wish you hadn’t aroused those animals in that gigantic crowd you exhorted to march on the Capitol. 

I’m sure you didn’t mean it to go as far and ugly as it did.  I sure hope so. 

Now, you need to bite the bullet and attend Biden’s inauguration.  And smile, which will help to bring our country back together!

An emergency crisis management program should now be put into play.  The focus should be on preserving and protecting your legacy by underscoring all the positive things you did to keep America great, while it keeps you a safe distance far from the madding crowd that wants to destroy you. 

Meanwhile, you need to show more profound remorse for those hurt and killed in that melee at the Capitol and condemn it even more forcefully than you did, not with just words, but deeds.  You need to lay a wreath at the grave of that slain capitol police officer.  And do much much more as part of a crisis management program. 

And you need to persuade Twitter to give you your account back by promising you will never incite violence.  You without Twitter is like a Joe DiMaggio without a baseball bat. 

But next time, not too many tweets and no foul balls inspiring lawlessness.  You need to be more careful what you whip up. 

Do this, Mr. President, and you might have a chance to Make Trump Great Again!  Or at least not seen as hateful by those who seek once again to impeach you. 

Crisis management must highlight the best of you in a way that dilutes the media’s and Nancy Pelosi’s concentration on the worst.

I voted for you Mr. President and wrote a book about you right after your triumph in the 2016 election: Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL? 

So, I know you have it in you to veer more toward leadership, and even occasionally diplomacy when you want to.

So show you are more caring about those who were hurt and killed in that melee your strong words incited. 

Now, Mr. President, before it’s too late!