You want words to tell her you love her?
But not so many that’ll smother?
Here’s what I advise you brother
Go see the Wordshine Man.

Once scuffed, dirty shoes needed polish
Nowadays it’s words that won’t shine
So I tell you bro, consult a word pro
Go see the Wordshine Man.

A magician with words is he,
Reels ‘em out with glee, but not free
Better slap some grease in his hand
And he’s yours, the Wordshine Man.

The prose he comes up with will scintillate
She’ll know you’re her number-one fan
It’s not too late to make love percolate
Go see the Wordshine Man

Yes, once it was just our scuffed, dirty shoes that needed polishing. 

Nowadays, it’s our words, sentences and paragraphs in those news releases, articles, media pitches, letters, proposals and blogs we struggle to write that need polishing. 

After doing Public Relations for decades, having founded one of the nation’s top PR firms, TransMedia Group, whose past and current clients comprise a Who’s Who of America’s greatest, most successful companies and organizations, from AT&T to the City of New York . . .

Who has launched a slew of start-up businesses,
making their owners rich and famous through blitz after
blitz of meteoric publicity . . .
Won countless recognitions and top awards
including the Bronze Anvil from the Public Relations
Society of America . . .
Now this entrePReneur Tom Madden, this ole tiger CEO  
has graduated to a new sacrosanct position at his
award-winning PR firm.  He’s become TransMedia’s . . .


Younger generations might be bright with ideas and ambidextrous digitally, but effective writing these days may be an art form on life support. 

No, you can’t write with just your thumbs going a mile-a-minute as you do on your iPhone or Android.  You need to put your whole hand, mind, body and spirit into the process . . . into that erstwhile art called writing.

So, I’m writing another book, my fifth, WORDSHINE MAN™ as that’s what I’ve become at my PR firm. 

Yes, I’ve graduated from CEO to WORDSHINE MAN.  This is what I’m asked to do these days more and more as we have an army of interns and fresh recruits “helping” us who need emergency help themselves.

“Dad, can you polish this release one of our interns wrote,” texts Adrienne, my industrious daughter who is president of our firm where off times I’m now the titular CEO/Writing Coach.

This book presents a series of “Before” and “After” actual examples of how by just adding, deleting or rearranging a few words can make even dingy, lackluster writing shine, dance and inspire action.  Isn’t that what most commercial writing is supposed to do?

This book will show how to write a press release that won’t die on the vine online.

To get right down to the nitty gritty, it offers a series of actual “Before” and “After” examples of news release writing that will show how by just changing a few words you can give a news release greater impact, make it more readable and most important, interest an editor in running the story. 

These are not the whole releases, just the most important parts, the headline and first few paragraphs.  If they don’t catch the attention of an editor, reporter or TV news director or producer right off the bat, you’re sunk.

I told my publisher to contact some colleges and universities to see if they would be interested in ordering copies upfront or maybe partner with me in producing and distributing this badly needed prose-polishing, word life-saving book.  

Yes, Amazon, get ready for WORDSHINE MAN™.