Why Are Some of Our Leaders So Mask Averse?

With cases of COVID spiking, deaths mounting and hospitals overflowing with victims in her state, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem opposes government- imposed mask mandates.

She argues masks have not been proven to halt the spread of infections and doesn’t feel it’s right for her to force people to wear them.

Really, Governor?  If South Dakotans were all driving toward your beautiful cliffs, you wouldn’t stop them?

Maybe you should take your blinders off, governor, and start mandating masks or it will be difficult to attract visitors to your breathtakingly beautiful state.

The largest group of medical doctors in your state don’t agree with you, nor do most health and medical authorities in the country, yet you opt to wear blinders instead of masks when you defend forgoing them while the virus keeps surging.

With the second wave so viciously and virulently attacking and now engulfing us, we need a more aggressive response, more unified management and collective action on state and federal levels.  It would be nice if it started at the top and worked down.

If we were attacked militarily by another nation, would we not expect our commander in chief to order an impregnable defense and blistering counterattacks?

Well one of the key defenses against this virus invasion is wearing a mask while keeping a safe distance from others, washing our hands or even staying for a while in our foxholes.  The blistering counterattacks are the vaccines that are coming.

BTW Governor, South Dakota looks so inviting in your commercials.  Soon as I’m vaccinated, I just might visit.  And hopefully by then we’ll have our masks off.