Mr. President, soon as you’re out of danger and feeling up to it, I offer you this crisis management advice as I have helped the CEO’s of some of America’s largest corporations to deal with crises effectively, turning scalding water into bubbling cool springs. 

And I’m sorry to say yours is a doozy! 

Meanwhile, there must be as much transparency about your condition and your progress or lack thereof in your battle with your COVID-19 infection.  The White House doctor must give accurate reports and straight facts and be totally honest and forthcoming about your condition, about such things as whether you’ve been on oxygen, how high is your fever, etc.

When there is clarity on your condition and you’re feeling stronger, I would recommend that you hold a White House briefing ASAP and address the media virtually from your quarantine.

Tell the media how you and Melania are feeling and how you expect to recover quickly and resume campaigning harder than ever because . . .. “we can’t put jobs and our economy in quarantine and lockdown as Joe Biden would do.”

Also tell the media that henceforth you’ll be even more vigilant in wearing your mask and recommending others do the same.

“Let this not interfere with our economy’s steady rebound,” you tell them.   “In fact, let what happened to me and Melania encourage more people to stay safe.”   

Also I would thank Joe Biden . . . “for wishing me a ‘speedy recovery,’ but don’t think for a minute, Joe, that this is going to make it any easier for you as I intend to come out of this quarantine more vigorous and determined as ever to defeat you.

“America’s industry, its workers and our economy need me for a second term for soon this virus will have seen its day with so many vaccines now on the march to the front line. 

Stay strong, Mr. President.  May you recover soon and God bless America.  

P.S. And everyone please read Peter Ticktin’s book “What Makes Trump Tick” available on Amazon and you’ll know how quickly our President will rebound.