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WEST PALM BEACH, FL.–Entry points are probably the most sensitive, most vulnerable parts of any business, especially now during the pandemic.

You might say the personnel greeting visitors at our schools, hospitals and businesses here and across the country are on the front line for us, our nation, our economy.

Today, protecting them are new applications of touchless technology designed to keep workers safe while keeping trackable records of who visited, the time they arrived, whom they visited and, oh yes, most importantly, what was the visitor’s temperature?

The leader in this field is a local company known for its A-Pass security system aboard cruise ships, SISCO CORP, which has turned its technological prowess toward protecting personnel greeting visitors at schools, hospitals and businesses nationwide from COVID-19.

SISCO’s advanced security identification systems are protecting these front-line personnel at business entry points nationwide.

Some are calling SISCO’S FAST-PASS 7® visitor management system a blessing during this pandemic as it not only captures visitor contact information, but their temperature-reading cameras take a photograph of each visitor entering a business or school.

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Contact information is so important today to keep the virus from spreading for in the event there was exposure, the visitor could be immediately be identified and their visit dated to specific time, which facilitates tracking.

SISCO’s technology reduces investigative time by providing the hospital, school or business and the CDC with an investigative tool to mitigate risk of the disease spreading further.

In response to the pandemic, SISCO’s team has developed several solutions based on the CDC’s recommendations for stopping the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Three cheers for SISCO!