OriginClear® Creates ‘Water Marketplace’ to Finance New Form of Water Treatment It Believes Will Sentence Pandemic Wannabes to Lonelier Death

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What role to do you think more widespread water treatment can play in helping to prevent future pandemics?  Can it be that more sanitation could drown future COVID-19’s before they surface?

A genius I know, OriginClear® CEO Riggs Eckelberry, firmly believes it can and to finance it, he has created the ultimate liquid investment.

Called “InvestorWater™”, the Water Marketplace is designed to advance a new form of decentralized water treatment that once fully implemented will make future pandemics far less likely and less dangerous.

Riggs, a client of my PR firm, TransMedia Group, was known as “The Algae Man.”

It was a name commentator Stuart Varney gave him when he appeared on FOX Business. This was because his company was then so adept at harvesting those micro cellular organisms.  Then one day Riggs had a eureka moment.

“We can do the same thing and solve a far more serious problem on our planet by harvesting sewage,” he told his staff.  So, a new goal was set, and his enterprising public company had a new name, OriginClear.

Riggs realized his company could engage in the same process of harvesting organic materials, whether human or animal effluent, or  factory waste. They all can be extracted through electrostimulation.

So, Riggs pivoted his company to water treatment and to finance it, he created the first Water Marketplace for investors interested in cleaning up the planet.  And in the process, making viruses like COVID-19 and other diseases less likely to rebound and spread. 

Riggs Cites These Facts

Only 20% of the raw sewage in the world is ever treated. Only 30% of the industrial waste is ever treated. Most of the bad water is never touched. And yet, it’s a trillion-dollar industry.

“So, think what it could be if it were done right.  It could be a $5 trillion industry if we all did our jobs.”

But the problem is the water industry grows torturously slow, only 3% to 6% per year, which is less than population growth. “This is why we’re  falling behind. And we decided to fix it.”

The main problem today, according to Riggs, is that the big central plants providing most of the water treatment are continually falling behind causing a degradation to our water systems.

“There’s just no room nor motivation for these central systems to grow, let alone having funds to pay for it, hence the need for a Water Marketplace.”

“It’s important to note the difference between past pandemics like in 1918 when over 50 million people died and today when far fewer will die.  The difference clearly is sanitation.

“In 1918, the virus incubated in horribly unsanitary trenches, and it  exploded worldwide.

“While we’ll never have that bad a problem today, we can do a much better job against all viruses, not just corona, if we improve sanitation.

“The problem is where do property owners get the money?  So, we started solving that problem in two parts. One the technology, the other paying for it.

On the technology side, we developed cool new innovative devices to do water clean-up jobs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

“To pay for them, we came up with a plan to rent them to property owners.  To finance the process, we created a new market, like an Airbnb for water, allowing investors to connect with the people who need the systems in a world that needs to stay safe.

“Now, we’re finding investors love that concept. Why? Because they will own the devices and collect rental income.  It’s the Rent-A-Center model. And the landlord doesn’t have to do anything, but just pay first, last and security, as if renting an apartment. Suddenly The Water Marketplace was born.

“These sanitation improvements are getting done, not in months, but  in weeks, and we’re seeing investors eager to find cool ways to invest in water.”

Now, thanks to Riggs and The Water Marketplace, we’ll be charting a productive new course, sailing on an ocean of opportunities.

We’re all so proud of Riggs Eckelberry.  And we raise a toast and drink to him a tall glass of . . . what else ?   TREATED WATER!