Don’t Go on Internet Dating Sites Until You Read This Book, ‘Love Boat 78,’ Now On Amazon


Sure. A lot of people write books, but this one is personal.  Frank, true and eye opening!

If you’re ever thinking about online dating, read it.

Think of my latest book, “Love Boat 78,” as a four-corner stop sign.  Before proceeding, stop and read it.  Then date with caution, keeping in mind the things that happened to me, which I tell all about in this book.

It’s about what I went through after I lost Angela, my beloved wife who died after a brave, nearly 10-year battle with breast cancer.  After losing her, I was depressed and sleepless in Boca.

Seeing me so lonely and sad, one of Angela’s best friends urged me to go out, to find someone to be with.  She suggested an Internet dating service called “Millionaire Match.”  So, I joined.

As an older guy who owns real estate and a couple of businesses, I probably looked like I have a few bucks.  Women apparently start to see me as good catch as I begin receiving “winks” from worldwide, which are invitations to share personal information.

I got winks from women looking for a man from 39 to 99 years old . . . (oh boy, I made the cut).  Winks came from women as far away as Australia who offer to fly into Boca Raton to go out with me.

Then, being a writer, and author of several books, I realized that maybe I had hit upon something that would make a good read, so I let the adventures roll.

First, I stuck my toe in, then dove headlong into the churning, choppy seas of Internet dating. And man did I have a ball.  What adventures!  They’re all in the book.  Only the names are changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  I meet a beautiful blonde from Brazil, but not online.

I find Rita in a neighborhood sports bar called Duffy’s.  Amazing how things you’re searching for are often right in front of your nose.

Soon the book had a happy ending.  I fell in love with Rita and married her on the balcony of my oceanfront condo.

Read how it all happened in “Love Boat 78” by yours truly, the Love Boat skipper himself, Tom Madden.  It’s now available or sailing on Amazon.  Come aboard!

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