There’s an Ailment Afoot in Condos Causing Elevator Fatigue


It’s part of the ups and downs of hi-rise living on the oceanfront in Florida . . . that mindless malady commonly known as forgetfulness.  Or absentmindedness.

Fortunately, its only downsides are wasting time and elevator fatigue.

We condo dwellers have a habit of forgetting our wallets, our car keys, grocery lists, that letter to be mailed, to put on lipstick or sometimes embarrassingly to zipper flies.

Some of us have had this problem all our lives so thankfully it’s not a precursor of anything more serious like the D word.  So not to worry.  It’s neither terminal nor contagious.

No, just something to put up with, but it does put a strain on our elevators as we’re riding them much more often than necessary.

Like the other day, I get on the elevator and there’s a woman there who right away asks me if I’m a snowbird.

“No,” I reply, forcing a smile.  “I’m an all-year-rounder.”  I think she’s asked me this before.  Not sure.

We remain silent the rest of the way down to the basement, where the gentlemanly stroke in me, I mean streak in me, lets her out first.

Suddenly she spins around saying “Oh no, I forgot my car keys!” She tries to get back on the elevator, but the doors close and now she must wait to go back up.

I wanted to make a joke to lighten the situation but decided to go to my car. Soon I notice it’s not in my assigned parking space.  Oh no. Now I spin around remembering I parked the day before on the lobby level.  So back to the elevator.

Things like this happen in Florida condos again and again.  How many times?  We forget to count.

This message could have been brought to you by a regular strength dietary supplement for a healthier brain, sharper mind and longer lasting elevators where I wait for them daily at my considerable condo, The Chalfonte, in Boca Raton.


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