What’s more satisfying than when a client you’ve been coaching on a speech hits it out of the park?

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(Click on picture to see Ticktin talk)

Peter, WOW!  Just watched Debbie’s recording.  God bless your wife for capturing it for us and for posterity as our videographer was hurt on the way to the AMPFest conference at the Trump Doral Hotel when a careless driver rear-ended her truck.

Yes indeed, Peter Ticktin deserves a gold star for his speech at the celebrity-studded conference in Miami, where speakers included Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald Trump Jr.  The Trump Doral is where the G7 summit will be held in June 2020 despite some media decrying the self-serving appearance of our President hosting it there.

“You rocked at AMPFest,” I wrote Peter the next day after watching the video.  “I mean it.  The best I’ve ever seen you do.  And you can tell how your audience was eating you up.

“When you asked how much time you had left, they shouted at you ‘keep going!’

“And the rhetorical questions you fired at them ‘was he a bully?’ and unanimously they’d return your fire with a resounding ‘NO!!!’

“You had them in the grip of your hand on that mike.  Your energy was contagious and arousing.  Also your moving around on that stage kept you animated and lively.

“What you need to do in future speeches is imagine that audience spurring you on.  Congratulations.

“It’s a jewel for us to show everyone how effective you are talking about the real and genuine Donald J. Trump whom you knew well, long before he became President . . . at a time when you were 17 and serving under him proudly at the New York Military Academy.


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