face of fear 6-17-19

I haven’t read too many books lately that have captured my attention as much as “In the Face of Fear,” so much that I just couldn’t put it down this weekend.

It’s a love story that took place in Nazi-occupied Hungary that spared author Thomas Weisz and his entire Jewish family from extermination.

It’s a terrifying yet inspiring tale of how love conquered the Third Reich.

Weicz describes the hero, Josef Cséh, as a man who stood up to the fascists and voluntarily went to Auschwitz to save one of the author’s sisters.

Even if he were dressed in shining armor, seated on a dazzling white steed, lance in hand, could you conjure up a greater image of Josef, says the author

“There were many like him, who also took a stand and defied evil, including Christians, like the Debrecens, who helped hide the Kovaks, Moscovics, Faragos and me.  And there were many others who hid Jews, both adults and children and they deserve thanks and praise as well.

“But I leave those acts of gratitude to those who were rescued by them. I do my duty and thank the courageous individual responsible for my own salvation. I thank Joska (Josef) Cséh and try to repay him over and over again.

Unlike many stories about the Holocaust, “In The Face of Fear” available on Amazon, tells the true story about how one awesomely brave man falls in love with Weisz’ sister and then arranges to save over 40 members of his family from death at the hands of fanatical Nazi murderers during World War 2.

Many stories of World War 2 and especially those dealing with the Holocaust are horrific to the point of turning some people off.  According to Weisz, this may account for audiences for some Holocaust events shrinking as people might becoming weary of endless recounting of savagery to the Jews.

“As a people, we seem to have become so intimidated by the horror of what human beings can do to each other that our capacity to respond has become overwhelmed.  My modest hope is that my story might inspire somebody, somewhere, to do something to help at least one victim of the next wave of bullies, the next crop of Nazis.  Hopefully my book is a small blow against apathy, the ally of tyranny, the enemy of us all.”

My PR firm Transmedia Group, hopes to offer this great book for sale after the Night Holocaust Concerts tribute to the late Elie Wiesel Nov. 20 at Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, and devote a chunk of the proceeds to the non-profit organization supporting the concert featuring a 60-piece orchestra, 100-voice choir and music by the acclaimed lyrical tenor cantor, composer, musicologist of Jewish music and Zionist leader Leib Glantz.

Involved as it is with the Holocaust in the way of a unique love story, we believe it will fit well with the NIGHT Holocaust Concert’s goal of standing up against hate in all its forms, whether against Jews, Christians or Arabs.

The author was an impoverished child running through the streets of a war-ravaged Budapest, dodging bombing raids, Nazis and gangs of hoodlums out for Jewish blood who survived and went on to become a wealthy, highly successful entrepreneur who today lives in Aventura, Florida.

Three cheers for bravery . . . and love!




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