Bull-by-the-Horns Bullish



That’s me, bull-by-the-horns bullish.

I know stocks love to climb a wall of worry.  Hasn’t it been shown time and again that solid long-term returns come to those who wait?

So why am I so worried this time climbing this worry wall?

Maybe it’s because my nice little nest egg is so exposed and just sitting there as trade-war rhetoric heats up?   Maybe it’s because my stocks are so vulnerable and at risk?

Or perhaps it’s because I’m older now and don’t have a decade to recoup anymore from steep losses that perennially happen to investors caught in a sudden, steep downdraft.

If I blow this nest egg, I’m in big T – that’s Trouble with a capital T, the stock symbol btw of one of my largest investments, AT&T that’s paying a nifty dividend.

Am I in AT&T because I’m still loyal to Ma Bell who was my PR firm’s first client when I started TransMedia Group in New York City?

Or is it because of their successful acquisition of the giant Time Warner that opens many new revenue streams?   Who knows?

All I know is right now my dividend-paying stocks are making money so I’m still bull-by-the-horns bullish.

Go bull!  Whatever you do, don’t Al Gore me.


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