It was signed by the man who is the world’s most ardent defender of water, a man dedicated to saving our planet’s water supplies–Riggs Eckelberry.  I’ll tell you more about him in a minute.

First let’s dive into the problem we all face as humans dependent on clear drinking water for our lives and livelihoods.

Most of us take water for granted.  You open the tap and out it pours.  So what’s the problem?  Drop by precious drop, we are destroying our water.  We’re polluting our oceans, rivers and streams.  And if we don’t do something to treat it right, we’re all going to face deep and dire consequences

According to the EPA, 1 to 3 million deaths a year worldwide are attributed to dirty water. We’ve got to clean the water! And Riggs’ company OriginClear® is promoting self-sufficiency in water treatment – the next wave in water independence – by providing more practical, efficient, economical and decentralized water systems that can save lives across the globe!

OriginClear® (OTC: OCLN) Supports Government Push for Self-Help Water Treatment

Earlier this year, California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed to charge water customers a new tax to fund safe drinking water for underprivileged communities.  Good idea?

Not so fast, Governor, says Riggs.  While your motive is admirable, your method can be much more effective, practical and less costly.  Instead of taxing drinking water, Riggs says let the rates do the work and instead promote localized water treatment, which in the end saves money and water too.

Riggs’ company is the leader in providing water treatment solutions, offering an alternative to the well-meaning governor’s proposal.  Water is our most valuable resource and Riggs’ mission is to improve its quality and return it to its original and clear condition. OriginClear develops breakthrough water cleanup technology serving the rapidly growing $500 billion world market.

“For sure, let’s help the at-risk communities,” says Riggs. “But the state needs to balance the new tax with rate relief. And that’s pretty simple: promote localized water treatment.”

Eckelberry explains the water rate structure in California heavily penalizes high water use. New prepackaged, onsite water treatment systems, such as his company’s Modular Water Treatment product line, reduces usage dramatically through recycling.

“You can build a 200-home subdivision, put in a self-treatment water system, water the lawns and golf course with your own recycled water. The entire half-million dollar system pays for itself in about a year,” says Eckelberry.

Eckelberry sees self-help water treatment for businesses, factories, housing developments and farms rapidly evolving.

“Instead of rebuilding our current infrastructure, we can equip water users to treat their own water with small, modular water treatment systems that can be built and installed locally, moving toward a decentralized structure.”

Go Modular!

To realize this vision, the company launched its Modular Water Systems division, which specializes in complete, prefabricated water treatment systems that can be positioned at the point of use. With onsite water systems, consumers get access to clean water and save on water rates.  And that’s why Riggs is proud to have his John Hancock on the Declaration of Water Independence.

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