Here comes ExceLina, a fiery dark-haired, well-endowed sexy-as-hell film actress from Colombia.

From one extreme to the other, ExceLina is loaded with sexual appeal, attitude and appetite.  What a body!  What hair and eyes. But might she be a little too hot for me to handle?


I met her in my TransMedia Group office in downtown Boca Raton where I discussed a film deal with her producer who owns The Movie Studio, but couldn’t take my eyes off her tantalizing smile, engrossing breasts and that awesome figure.  She’s triple wow.

We’re quickly signing her up as one of our talent on TVTAgency.com.

“I’ll be your agent,” I tell her without looking like I’m tapping ashes from a fat cigar and flirting like a Harvey Weinstein, who incidentally helped to fire up the Me Too Movement, which I understand might have an arrest warrant out for ME for this book!

I immediately email my friend Jay Michaels, a radio personality out in Las Vegas.  “Jay, hold off on that wedding chapel reservation idea for my red head as I just met a new one.  Her name is ExceLina.  She’s incredibly beautiful, but I think I should at least take her to lunch before I propose.


Meet Aphrodite

I might already have actually positioned her with a new aphrodisiac product called Aphrodite.



I send a picture of her to a friend of mine who’s putting the deal together.  I invite him to meet Aphrodite, the goddess of love, passion and desire, which I added ExceLina epitomizes.

”That it,” Jack responds. “She’s got some Catherine Zeta Jones in her . . . magnifico!”

Next, I email my friend and former client Carl DeSantis, founder of Rexall Sundown, about ExceLina.  Carl sold his company for $1.6 billion after my PR firm’s publicity helped to drive sales of his nutritional supplements from $150 million a year to over $900 million in the 10 years I had him as a client.

Carl, thanks again for the flowers for Angela.  Now I want you to meet the sex goddess Aphrodite.  No her name is Excelina.  She’s even more beautiful in person.  She was married to one of the major owners of Cisco and now she’s a client of mine for whom I’m looking to connect her to companies like Celsius as she works out regularly.  She’s nearly 40 years old, but looks around 20. I’d like to bring her to your office or to La Cigale restaurant so you can talk to her and see how utterly charming she is.  Excelina could deliver millions of Hispanic customers to Celsius. She’s from Colombia.  She’s been an actress starring in lots of movies and can truly convince people how Celsius is keeping her young and fit.  Tell me when would be convenient to bring her over to meet you. And I’d like to see you too. It has been a while, budzo Tom


This is an excerpt from my next book about Internet dating titled Love Boat 78, which is in production at my publisher Mascot Books.


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