This is the second of a three-part series of Energy Eye Openers—TEN THINGS I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ENERGY–thanks to the experts at EnergyProfessionals who opened my eyes.


  1. Is the cost of energy rising or falling? If you said falling, you’re in the running for a brand new Tesla, that is if you afford one.  But you’re right!  Renewable energy is getting cheaper!  In 2018, the price of large-scale solar PV fell by 13%, and the price of onshore wind fell by 7%.  This is making those alternative energy sources a competitive and cleaner option than traditional energy.


  1. How does renewable energy improve power grid reliability? Unlike conventional sources of energy which tend to put all their eggs in one basket, green energy, like solar and wind power, are spread out over a larger area and made up of multiple units of equipment.  This way they are decidedly less likely to fail due to severe weather, since they’re not located in one spot. Where traditional power sources may fail, green energy sources being far less concentrated can pick up the slack from different areas where they’re spread out.


  1. How does Solar Power add to the value of your home? Unlike a kitchen remodeling or adding a spare room to your home, solar panels reduce your energy bills and continue generating value. Forbes found that, on average, homeowners who installed rooftop solar systems recovered approximately 97% of the initial investment, while remodeling a kitchen generally only nets 60%. So you’ll be happily singing that Italian song . . .

O Solar Mio.


Look for the final four next week. And there will be a test.                                   TM

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