Who Are The Murderers Among Us? Best We Know Ere More Doom In Store!



A friend of mine emailed me that he couldn’t in good conscience buy my client’s book, “Sex and the Serial Killer; My Bizarre Times with Robert Durst” on Amazon.  I had suggested he purchase, read and review it.  “No thanks,” he said.

Then the Pittsburgh massacre happens, which shows demented murderers en masse as despicable crazies whom we’d better recognize before they go berserk, killing innocent people, while worshipping their God, no less.

My friend had written back to me:  “Tom, because of the subject matter, I will be unable to read it or write a review. I did see a write up on it. Too gruesome for me.  I know you understand.  At this stage in my life, I must be true to myself.”

Here’s the link I had sent to him:  https://www.amazon.com/Sex-Serial-Killer-Bizarre-Robert/dp/1727241096/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540583256&sr=8-1&keywords=sex+and+the+serial+killer+my+bizarre+times+with+robert+durst

My PR firm, TransMedia Group, was hired to market and promote this tell-all tale. My publicity cohorts and I believe it serves a worthy purpose beyond the depravity and prurient details it relates so vividly.

We think this book can help the public to see into the “dursturbed” mind of a scion of a wealthy family currently on trial for one of his alleged murders.  Yes, like so much in life these days, it’s shocking and gruesome.

“That’s all right, Frank,” I email back.  “Follow your conscience, but killers must be put away and this book may offer evidence of depravity that will help to do that.

The author, William Steel, is still in protective custody for his own safety.  Today he has fully redeemed himself and has found God in his life.

I tell my friend he doesn’t have to read every word, just buy it and review it saying something like . . .

“If this story is as true and actual as the author swears it is, then this deviant he describes in such gruesome detail is a dirt bag who belongs in prison.”

I tell him whatever he decides is fine with me, but know that this is non-fiction.  It’s a true story meant to serve a purpose more worthy than just prurient interest in decadent details.”

Tragedy in Pittsburgh

Then while we’re emailing back and forth, that wacko SOB Jew-hater starts shooting Jews to death in their Synagogue in Pittsburgh and I find myself writing my own review:

At first, I thought this book might be too gruesome and gory, but I wanted to know more about what turns weirdos into serial killers, what are the early signs of such evil and in that regard, “Sex and the Serial Killer, My Bizarre Times with Robert Durst,” sure provides a vivid picture of what these ruthless, decadent people are like.  Hopefully books like this can help us to identify, arrest and imprison these creeps sooner and save lives.

P.S. After reading my email, Frank changed his mind and decided to buy the book, read it and review it.



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