Global Warming Is Here To Stay


Global Warming is here to stay, but The Global Warming Foundation says what we’re experiencing now is only an early stage.


You might say Vous n’avez enore rien Vu, the title of the French German film shown a few years ago at the Cannes Film Festival.  Or as the Foundation’s founder Peter Ticktin, puts it: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


Think of it as stage-one climate cancer, with no cure in sight, for as bad as it is globally right now, it’s bound to get worse . . . and quickly.


“The point is it took a long time to get to Stage 1 from the time I started measuring climate change 40 years ago,” said Ticktin.  “Stage 2 is going to be here tomorrow.”


Ticktin puts it this way: “Once we can observe a higher level of weather events, hold on, as the next level will be here shortly, and each succeeding level will arrive more quickly and become more and more intense.”


Just ahead, Ticktin sees more disastrous flooding, intense drought, wildfires, wind, and other aberrations, such as large ice falling from the sky, deadly blooms at sea which are dying and causing areas devoid of oxygen, rising tides, migration of life forms, loss of species, disease, etc.”


Contrary to what some may think, the Foundation’s function is not to advise municipalities as to how to deal with their weather problems, but rather to help inform those interested in where we are on the exponential curve.


“Think of us as the clock which counts down the various levels of change.  It’s no secret how those stages are going to look.  While ours is a very limited goal, it’s one which is desperately needed and one that can be achieved.


“With some luck and the public’s supporting our 501c3 nonprofit organization with gifts of from $5 to $50,000, we can work with scientists and be instrumental in exhorting them to come up with a Plan B since Plan A, reducing use of fossil fuels, has helped, but not nearly enough.”


If we don’t come up with another plan of geoengineering the planet, Ticktin says “we’re cooked.”


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