Society, it’s time to stop committing opioidside, the indiscriminate killing and executing of people across the entire social spectrum, from innocent kids in schools to now even convicted murderers in prisons.

Opioid sellers, the Opioid Awareness Foundation has you in its sites.  Doctors, you’d better cease and desist from over-prescribing opioids.  Dealers, stop getting rich hooking our kids on them.  And prison wardens, don’t even think of executing prisoners with cocktails containing this deadly substance.

Enough of this insane mass murder.  The Opioid Awareness Foundation posse is forming.  The non-profit organization is out raising money to educate and impress upon our children and our citizenry the acute dangers of opioids that kill some poor soul in America every 15 minutes.


Here are more brutal facts.

A judge ruled in New Jersey that executions must be delayed after a drug maker challenged the state’s using its product, a sedative used in several botched executions.  It’s one of a three-part combination of drugs the state plans to use.  The other two are a paralytic and fentanyl, a drug tied to the ongoing opioid crisis in America.

In Nevada, death penalty opponents urged sparing the life of Scott Dozier, who was sentenced to death in 2007 after being convicted in the 2002 murder of one of his drug associates.

Nevada has a distressing history of executing people like Dozier, who voluntarily waive their legal appeals.  According to the Washington-based Catholic Mobilizing Network, “These kinds of executions amount to the state assisting with the suicide of people who have lost all possibility of hope.”

Should Dozier’s execution go through, it would be the first known execution to use an opioid in its drug cocktail.

Here’s where you can find out more about the Opioid Awareness Foundation and where to send your tax-deductible contribution:

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