Yes, Tom Madden has copyrighted and is developing a TV Series titled XtraTerresla whose main character is modeled after yours truly.  Hardly surprising, huh?   With all the meteoric waves I make in media taming my Tesla tiger, I’m a natural to base a TV Series on.

So in a recent MaddenMischief multiple choice quiz, the winner was #2.

Correct Answer

The series is set in Dallas, Texas and the main character is based on Tesla founder and entrepreneur Elon Musk, who’s determined to build his Terresla electric cars in the heart of oil and gas country where the energy barons would like nothing more than to string him up for manufacturing his impudent gasless autos right in their face.

There is a saboteur within the Musk character’s company who is sabotaging the operation and there’s even a plot afoot to murder Musk and make it appear like suicide.  The Musk character’s ex-wife and his lawyer, Peter Ticktin, are doing their best to persuade him to stop being so arrogant and rough talking with ranchers and cowboys about how he intends to put their gas guzzlers out of business and they’re urging him to move his operation to sunnier, more liberal California.


If you chose #2, you win a ride in a brand new Tesla.  Only catch is you have to buy one first in Texas, but that’s not a catch, that’s a sign you’re a genius like Musk and Texas is where it’s happening. 


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