Ever been to a car auction?  They’re noisy.  Messy.  Costly.  Right?

Well here comes our superhero to the rescue–Disruptor Dong–who is about to transform that endangered species known as the auto auction into a smother, more sensible, saner and safer operation.

Kevin Dong is the Jeff Bezos of the auto biz who is about to become a very rich young man.  How?  By providing an Amazon solution to one of world’s giant businesses, the recycling of millions of cars annually at auctions.

Dong is going to bring unprecedented efficiencies and fairness to the multi-billion-dollar car auction business.  His innovative company will only list vehicles for online auctions at reasonable asking prices based on algorithms tied to their VIN numbers and other facts.  Want to list and try to sell your car for a price that’s outrageously more than it’s worth, Dong will tell you to take a hike.

This brilliant young entrepreneur from China whose buying and selling multiple businesses in Boston made him a multi-millionaire in his early 20s is about to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar automotive auction business with a breakthrough digital APP he has developed called ADX365.

His insights from owning a car dealership in Boston combined with his ingenious inventiveness and disruptive nature is making it possible for auto dealerships and eventually consumers to buy cars up for auction online at awesomely discounted prices.

Also the cars will have been pre-screened and pre-inspected thereby eliminating the downside risk of bidding on a vehicle with defects, and possibly winding up with a lemon.  Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, Dong has done it!

And what’s more, eventually consumers can do it too in the comfort of their living rooms, thereby saving a ton of money without having to personally attend the typical madhouse auction so rife with inefficiencies and unnecessary costs such as having to travel to and from those incredibly hectic places, now destined to become things of the past.

We can thank entrepreneurs like Kevin Dong who are applying state-of-the-art digital technology solutions, which are displacing so many antiquated and clumsy business practices such as the traditionally crazy auto auction.  Good riddance!

See the news release my disruptive PR firm TransMedia Group recently sent out about him:

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