It’s not “the economy, stupid” anymore.  It’s the visual (or video), stupid.  That photo of Trump embracing the little boy at The While House could erase a ton of Trump’s tweets that might have offended or bothered some people.

Remember “It’s the economystupid?”  It was the phrase political campaign strategist James Carville had coined for Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting president, my hero, George H. W. Bush.

Well, at my PR firm, TransMedia Group, I offer clients a variation on that winning phrase, which is this:  “It’s the video, stupid.”  I say that because there’s no message form stronger than a compelling video.   Here was my video a few blogs ago on Trump Dancing With Ginger Rogers:

Last week, President Trump signed into law the Right to Try Act, which gives patients who have life-threatening illnesses the right to use experimental medications that have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

He gave his pen to a smiling little boy who was sitting patiently in a wheelchair next to his desk. Little Jordan McLinn is battling a disease that causes progressive muscle degeneration as well as a shortened lifespan.

While the president was handing out pens to the other guests, the little guy moved in for a hug, but the president didn’t notice him. Unfazed, McLinn tried a second time, but Trump still didn’t notice him.

Finally, Trump noticed McLinn and gave him the big hug he was hoping for — and a kiss on the head.

Yes, it’s the YouTube video, stupid.

My latest book, “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?” is available on Amazon.  It’s the book, stupid.


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