Get Ready For High Stakes Poker in Singapore


If the latest bump in the road doesn’t upset the nuclear apple cart, get ready for our shrewd deal-making cat to sit down with mister mashugana mouse for a high-stakes game of poker in Singapore.

Here’s a glimpse of how the game might go down

“I’ll raise you total nuclear abandonment,” says the cat, smiling confidently as the giddy crowd around the poker table cheers: “USA . . .  USA . . . USA.”

“I’ll see you and raise you that it can’t just be unilateral,” retorts the mouse, his lips curling into a smile like at long last he’s got the better hand.

“Oh yea?” says the cat.  “My button is bigger than yours.”

Then lightning bolt Bolton throws in his hand in disgust.

“You guys are too much.  This is a sucker’s game and I’m out,” he snaps.

“It’s your move,” says the cajoling mouse to the orangey-haired cat now concerned mister chubby might just not be bluffing.

“Okay, I’ll see you and raise you $100 Billion, that’s with a ‘B’ rocket mouse,” says kinky cat defiantly.

“USA . . . USA . . . USA!”

“Too rich for my blood,” says casino impresario Sheldon Adelson who folds. Next to him Defense Secretary Mattis’ bags under his eyes are looking heavier and   foam is starting to flow from Bolton’s mouth.

For the exciting conclusion we’ll just have to wait for the next chapter of this art of the deal denouement as global politics has become the penultimate cat ‘n mouse poker game.


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