Curiosity Can Be Lethal in La-la Land


Donald Trump Jr. I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve been to la-la land myself a few times, but my dad was strumming his violin, not running for President.

I use La-la land here in the sense of the mental state of someone who is not aware of what is really happening.  You’ve heard the expression deep state?

Well this is a kind of dream state.  It can be an irresistibly tempting, beguiling, yet it’s a dangerous, often embarrassing place to visit, however briefly.

Your experience in meeting with the Russian lawyer reminds me of the time I went to Moscow a few years ago in mid-winter to speak at a conference of Russian public relations professionals (talk about a non sequitur). I spoke about one of my specialties, crisis management, something Russia and Republicans need tons of these days.

It was freezing there and it was an interminable flight to get there from Florida to Washington DC, then to a stopover in Paris and finally on to Moscow, where the airport is another long trip and a $100 taxi ride to the city. But like you, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. I was curious to see Moscow, Red Square, KGB headquarters, etc.

While I hate the idea of Russians meddling in our elections, I don’t blame you at all for taking the meeting with the Russian lawyer in hopes of finding  some dirt on your dad’s opponent.  I once took a very risky meeting myself that could have literally wacked my PR career, which I’ll divulge next time.

For now please close the door as I wish to digress.  Come closer. The world doesn’t need to know the family’s business.  After seeing The Godfather so many times, the idea of representing such a character has always intrigued me. Come closer.  It’s hard to talk with this cotton in my mouth.

As I was telling Barzini only yesterday, can’t you just see a PR guy handing a news release to a reporter saying:

Mr. Corleone would appreciate your running this in your paper.

(Reporter)  No, don’t give me any stories.  Who do you dago wops think you are?  You can’t push the press around.

Very well. If you refuse, I need to inform Mr. Corleone. For he is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately. And excuse me for asking, but by any chance are you fond of sleeping with horses?

 No, I’ve never represented any Goodfellows.  And one of my erstwhile clients, The National Italian American Foundation, despised films like The Godfather for feeding the stereotype that all Italians are gangsters.  They’d like to get their hands on Coppola’s master print.  And stab it with an ice pick. Sorry, just a joke, NIAF.

But I did come close to the real thing once.  I’ll tell you about it next time.  Just like Donald Trump Jr. my curiosity got the best of me and I took a meeting with some scary characters in Queens, New York.

Had it gotten out, it could have stabbed my reputation with an ice pick.

So stay tuned and learn how curiosity can sometimes be lethal in la-la land.

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