Now that he’s President, maybe it’s about Time for Trump to be a tweetotaler. 


Now that he’s arrived at the seat of power, should President Trump abstain from the tactics that got him there?  Should he temper his tweets?  Go on a Twitter wagon?  Become a tweetotaler?

To tweet or not to tweet.  That may be the $20 trillion dollar question in the year 2017.

Whether ’tis nobler in The White House to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous liberals, or to take tweets against a sea of troublemakers, and by tweeting end them, or perhaps inflame and encourage them to riot.

Can the worlds of politics, government and globalism be collapsed into 140 characters?

Can you really rebuild the country’s infrastructure, erect walls on borders, reform immigration, expand the military, reduce taxes, create jobs, invigorate the economy, destroy ISIS and bring a divided Nation together in 140-character spurts?  In late night rants?  Twitter outbursts?

I sure hope so because we all have stake in President Trump’s succeeding.  But is what worked in a blazing-hot political campaign transferable to governing our country?

To first fire off 140-characters and then aim afterward may be an utterly satisfying practice for a guy who doesn’t drink, but is it not an entirely inappropriate strategy for a Commander in Chief, for the leader of the free world?

How long must we endure prickly tweets that ask if we’re living in NAZI Germany?  Whether a civil rights icon should mind his own district’s business or how dishonest the media is or how large was the crowd really on Inauguration Day?

Are not tweets the true intolerables of the day?  Are they not unbecoming of a President?  Un-presidential?

Can there really be civil discourse in 140 characters?

Allow me to answer tweetishly:  Doubt it!  Language, thinking shrinking. Sad!

For a President to end all tweets tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Could our founding fathers have tweeted the Declaration of Independence?  The Constitution?

Instead of the We The People  preamble to the Constitution, would our founders have  trumpishly tweeted:

The carnage stops here.  King can go F himself.  We’re starting our own union for justice, peace, defense, welfare and liberty, but you’ll never know with a dishonest press.  Sad!

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