Double Down should be Dumble Down because over time, with such maddening over use it’s becoming a dumb expression.

So media, please stop all the doubling down talk in story after story, headline after headline.  It’s starting to sound like doublespeak.

 I’ve never heard or read so much about people doubling down . . . ever.   And I come from a casino town, Atlantic City, where no one actually ever uses the hackneyed phrase even when they do it at a blackjack table.   You don’t say to the dealer, “I’m doubling down.”   The players beside you would look at you like your crazy.

 The expression that comes silently from gambling has become a noisy cliché in politics and badly needs a rest.

 During the dumbed down nature of an election, story after story told of President-elect Trump doubling down on this and that tweet. 

 An entire city, San Francisco,  was reported in the news recently doubling down on its proudly being a Sanctuary City.

 In publications like The Hill you’ll find double down headlines like this one:  “Just before election, Obama doubles down on illegal immigrant fly-in program.” 

 TV Producers and newspaper editors, please . . .if you don’t stop all this doubling down, I’m going to double down and write piece double the size of this one about this dumb expression.  


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