It’s The Ribald Replacement For … SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!

It’s a hit unreality show called The Presidential Apprentice and it’s getting HUUUUUUGE ratings.   Why?  Because it’s funny.  Weird funny.  Slapstick funny.  Punch ‘em in the face funny!  A clownish, hilarious meltdown.  Humor unshackled.

Welcome to The Presidential election where you don’t get fired, you get pied in the face, knocked out, called every name in the play book, stalked, smirked at and stomped on.

It’s become the best fertilizer late-night comedy ever had.  It’s your Daily Show all day long, every day with repeats all night.

Among its Saturday Night Live come-to-life daytime cast is the heavily accented, all-forgiving, former Slovenian model, the elegant Melania who calls her billionaire boy Donald just the victim of “egg on” locker room talk, amounting to just “boy talk . . . about bad stuff.”

The comedy central character is the Presidential Apprentice, the unorthodox, slap-happy candidate who complains during his meltdown that his weak, medicated, probably doped-up opponent purposefully keeps walking in front of him during debates.  The dogged Donald claims she’s trying to make him out as a predator, a stalking hulk instead of the dapper Donald he facies himself in his blazing red ties from China around which he’s going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it.

Yes, this is comedy to the core.

It’s making Saturday Night Livers Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon a hilariously satirical part of the Trump band wagon as it rolls over Hillary and everyone in its path, including nine female walk-ons who claim the star made inappropriate moves on them.   But Trump says
look at them. “Tell me what you think.   I don’t think so.”   That’s a joke, right?



Oddly SNL’s second debate sketch drew criticism from Trump, who took to Twitter to slam Alec Baldwin’s performance.

This time, the show presented a more extreme version of Trump’s performance at the Town Hall. Elsewhere, SNL went hard on the nominee with a “Lemonade” parody featuring the public female faces of Trump’s campaign, and sharp Weekend Update barbs targeting Trump’s campaign.)

McKinnon depicted Hillary as overly coached, wooden and chilled out next to Baldwin’s portrayal of an increasingly self-destructive Trump, hence the line:

When someone’s destroying them self, you stand back . . . get out of the way.

How apt for Trump to have said to Billy Bush before alighting from that now infamous bus that you don’t want to stumble like President Ford did getting off his presidential plane when you’re getting off a lowly bus. 

However, folks, there are all kinds of presidential pratfalls ahead as one drains the swamp, charging the whole thing’s rigged.  

So the show goes on.



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  1. I don’t think you’re in the basket of deplorables, but you’re still a fantabulous writer!

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