Trump’s Campaign Rome in Flames

rome-burning-by-roy020Talk about mischief, Madden Mischief is no match for the clenched-fist trumpeters spoiling for a fight if they lose to “a liar, fraud and criminal who’ll destroy our country.”

“Lock her up,” they chant at rallies that nearly boil over with angry invective.

Grumblings and musings of rebellion stream from every pore of everyday Trump voters.

The mad maestro himself tweets Democratic supporters are responsible for the firebombing of the local GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina.

Trump’s main hit-man surrogate Mayor Rudy Giuliani preaches that even voting itself in America is rigged as corruption abounds at the polls and is embedded in precincts in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Trump surrogate and Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, an elected law official, tweets it’s “pitchforks and torches time” with a (stock) photo of an angry mob.

Trump’s campaign Rome is in flames ignited by numerous allegations of women accusing the mad maestro of sexual assault and harassment.

Still, he keeps yelling fraud and rigged, code words for “don’t worry, win or lose we’ll get ‘em.”

He smears the women who’ve come with sexual assault stories about him, threatens to sue the media, and dangerously promotes conspiracy theories about the election being rigged against him by the media, the government, and the political establishment.

So now America sinks to a third-world level of fire bombings, vituperative verbal attacks and maybe pitchforks and torches.

Some on social media are even suggesting that Republican elements were involved in the incident in order to garner sympathy and reverse their drop in the polls.

While Clinton denounces the attack on the GOP office, she and others better get out the fire hoses for possibly more fires and upheaval ahead.

Thank goodness, there is a decent and sensible vice presidential candidate like Mike Pence in the race who says he will accept the outcome of the election, whoever wins.

What he’s on record saying bears repeating:

“We will absolutely accept the result of the election.”

“We will absolutely accept the result of the election.”

“We will absolutely accept the result of the election.”

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