I Taught My Daughter to Take Reasonable Risks, But Wear A Parachute on Her Sky-High Ventures Over Hollywood

Yes, my dauntless daughter Adrienne Mazzone is a highflyer!  

First, she’s President of TransMedia Group, the PR firm I founded in New York when I left NBC where my executive position was at a nosebleed level before I parachuted to that reputational skating rink called public relations.

While at NBC, I was proud as a peacock to be the #2-ranked executive, the right hand to the celebrated high-wire act himself, genius TV programmer Fred Silverman. It was a dizzying, but exciting ride at that time when no one wore seat belts at the liquid lunches around 30 Rock.

Today, as if running an international PR firm isn’t challenging enough, Adrienne has added to the mix a sizzling hot potato production company, TMGroup Productions.  So now were not just serving PR clients, but high-flying producers, production companies and Hollywood stars.

With decades of PR experience sharing clients’ stories and expertise, Adrienne’s accumulated many skills that I used to apply at the networks, only instead of producing I was promoting all the hit TV series Fred dreamed up, which I helped to get media exposure. Today Adrienne uses her talent to enhance projects she takes on, giving them blow-out potential as films, documentaries, or TV series.

I’m proud that like me she is results-oriented unafraid of risks.  Besides a publicist, she’s a highly motivated producer herself, skilled at developing and enhancing documentaries and films by pinpointing additional interviews, artwork and of course, generating publicity she’s so good at delivering for our clients worldwide.

Admired for her knowledge, diverse relationships, and drive toward development completion, Mazzone took her passion of telling stories to the screen!

“I hit a point after putting so much content out successfully to media that it was time to package it also into documentaries, film or TV,” said Mazzone, President, TMGroup Productions LLC.  “Now I’m creating even more content to share with media in which I’m an Executive Producer, which is equally gratifying,” added Mazzone.

Adrienne is working on developing a TV series I created called Mar-a-Lago Empire along with Tom Gardner who was Marjorie Merriweather Post’s butler when she built what became the Southern White House when Trump was president and continues to be his world-famous residence. Gardner wrote a book about his adventures there called “The Butler Wore Guccis.” 

And one of our esteemed PR clients is Trump’s long-time friend and now his personal lawyer, Peter Ticktin, whose book “What Makes Trump Tick” is also in our plans for a film about when he and Trump were fellow 18-year-old cadets at the New York Military Academy.

For now, TMGroup Productions first documentary is in post-production entitled “The Picasso of Thieves” an inside look at the mind of Joselito Vega.  The film is directed by Anna Cespedes and Executive Producers, Carlos Cespedes and Adrienne Mazzone. 

Mazzone is also Co-Executive Producer of a recently completed pilot, Abella’s First Tooth in which stars the First Animated Tooth Fairy Influencer© that has a fully stacked award-winning team. She is also Executive Producer, What’s In A Name, A Versace Story, about a man raised from humble beginnings, builds a life of fortune, to have it all taken away; stripped of his name, fortune, and friends.

TMGroup Productions is on the move and will have announcements shortly about projects in discussions with major producers and is currently working on ascertaining interest in the Award-Winning Author Series by Mark M. Bello, Esq.

Mazzone’s office is on the top floor of the TransMedia Building in Boca Raton, Florida, hardly a nosebleed level as it’s a the three-story building where we’re headquartered.

Media Contact/Inquiries: Thomas J. Madden, CEO, TransMedia Group 561-702-4999 tmadden@transmediagroup.com

FOR Production inquiries contact: Producer@TMGroupProductions.com or 561-908-1683.

As Sylvester Stallone used to say in his Rocky Balboa movies, I’d just change it to:

“Yo, Adrienne, you makin’ Papa proud!”