Is There a Peloton That Not Only Flattens Your Stomach, But Widens Your Winks to Attractive Women?

WinkRemember that “you’ve got mail” sound effect back to the early days of America Online (AOL) that would make you crow or cringe each morning?

Well now the uplifting message is “you’ve got winks,” that is if you’re one of the millions who belong to Internet dating sites like

At the suggestion of a friend, I joined a few of them after my beloved wife passed leaving me loveless, depressed and sleepless in Boca.  First I dipped my toe into the choppy waters of Internet dating, then dove headlong deeply into the hot seething sea looking for pearls, which I write about in my steamy new book “Love Boat 78” for which I’m doing my first signing at The Palm Beach Bookstore.

You’re all invited 6 to 7:30 pm Thursday, Jan. 16 to the bookstore on Royal Poinciana in the heart of that posh island of Palm Beach.  This is the bookstore where Mr. Trump and other billionaire celebs sign their books in this idyllic town.

During my adventure, I would wake up each day to winks from gorgeous gals who’d describe themselves as caring, loving women looking for a good man between 25 and 99.  Great, I made the cut.

I’d wink back whether they were 20 or 2000 miles away.  It was thrilling, exciting and I had some wild times, which are all in my book.  Women would see a picture of me in my tuxedo, a lonely, older gentlemen who owns a business in Boca Raton and looks like he has a few bucks.  And maybe not too much longer to live?

So each morning a stampede would erupt with winks flying at me from all corners of the globe.  I’d get messages of how popular I was becoming.  Some women would offer to fly into Boca from as far away as Australia just to go out with me.

Really?  I’m that arousing?  Interesting?  Good looking?  Hmmmmm!

So come to the book signing and meet my book’s happy ending, the beautiful Brazilian woman whom I met ironically not online, but in my neighborhood sports bar, Duffy’s.

Now Rita Pierotti-Madden and I are happily married and she’ll be bravely beside me at the signing table, so come say hello to us both.

But please, NO WINKS!   After sailing from hither and yon on my Love Boat, I’m all winked out.

My latest book “Love Boat 78” will be available on Amazon and Kindle and soon in select bookstores nationwide.  Next week, Rita and I fly out to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival where we’ll promote the book to film producers.

We’ll also be attending the screening of a documentary film by Terence Gordon about fashion designer Alfredo Versace in which I have a small part talking about my dear friend Alfredo and the raw deal he got when a lawsuit by Donatella Versace resulted in a court ruling that he could not use his famous last name commercially, ironically after it was he who had helped to globalize the brand.

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