It was on the eve of last year’s Super Bowl. I was in the dramatic fourth quarter of completing the manuscript for my latest book.

Somehow I caught the idea for the title as if I had snagged a pass near the end zone from Tom Brady.

Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?

President Trump had just taken office.  Our country was split and polarized as can be, so I adopted the Brady deficit metaphor.

You’ll recall last time star quarterback Brady was 18 points behind, but somehow pulled it off—and won the Super Bowl, which he’ll likely do again, although coming from Philadelphia, I have quite mixed feelings whom to root for.

At the beginning of his term, I saw Trump in the same situation as Brady last year.  Trump needed to erase a huge deficit in his popularity, just as he had to do as the candidate, who ultimately came from behind to win the White House.

“What a Bradyesque feat or tweet that was,” I say in my book now available on Amazon.

The kickoff of Trump’s term as President was looking more like a knock-down, drag-out scrimmage.

First fumble was the so-called Muslim travel ban body block that was incendiary and amateurishly put together.  Then came the failed effort to tackle and dismantle Obamacare.

In one of my early chapters, I write:

“We’ll have to wait and see if our indefatigable, unrelenting Bradyesque President can once again erase a deficit, this time in his knowledge of how government works, which is not quite like commanding an erector set or building another Trump Tower.

“I believe it’s in our collective best interest that he succeeds and that America pulls it out and wins the ultimate Super Bowl in creating higher paying jobs that lead to everyone catching their American Dream pass in the end zone.”

That was rather prescient, wouldn’t you say?

Charging at the Health Care Windmill

Comparing Trump in my book with one of my favorite characters, Don Quixote, I wrote, “Why why why Mr. Trump did you do it the way you did it.  Sure, everyone knows health comes first, but not, definitely NOT in politics.”

Of course, I was talking to our rookie president who right off the bat plunged into the healthcare swamp and came up full of alligator autographs.

There were so many juicier, easier targets than charging at that nightmarish Affordable Care Act windmill like a Don Trump Quixote with his Sancho Panza sidekick, House Speaker Paul Ryan

“Please Mr. Trump, be the hero everyone expects you to be and lower our taxes.  Allow me to say that again.  LOWER TAXES!”

I guess he read my book . . . or my mind.

Now with the game only just beginning the second quarter, please read my book “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?”    Thank you.

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