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Ahhh Reality!  Where goest thou?

Who really are the Biggest Losers? “Thems are the suckers who watch ‘em!” says Fashion/Travel/Lifestyle Influencer Jackie Beard Robinson.

And those mechanical maniacal housewives?  OMG! 

“Why are we so intent on keeping up with them as well as the uncool Kardashians?” she asks.   

Why follow those silly survivors, shark tankers, hoarders and bachelorettes?  Why watch them blister at the Jersey Shore or listen to them babble in The Hills?

What the Hills is going on in television today? Robinson asks.

“Is REALITY really what it portends to be on TV?   Think about it.  Is it real or is it all falsies, face lifts and mascara.  Reality?  It’s gone missing.   Misleading.

“And is REALITY TV really all that glamorous and sexy?  Or is it more a collection of the petty, the vulgar, the pretentious and the asinine?

“And is it fashionable?  Give me a break,” says the fashion influencer.

Robinson contends the public is looking at the worst of our society portrayed on television as cardboard-cartony characters, creatures or cartoons.

“I’ve had my taste of reality TV and I can assure you it’s not buttery, says Jackie who is today suing the star of New Jersey Housewives for allegedly defaming her on national TV. 

Reality TV can be bitter and belittling pill to swallow, yet it’s still beguiling millions of followers who’ve become addicted, she said.   

But reality just isn’t slick and sexy as it first appears.  It can be trite, callous and often offensive, said Jackie who has hired one of the feistiest lawyers in the country, Larry Klayman, to represent her in her lawsuit against a reality prima donna.

“Reality TV has become coercion and false narratives that crosses into bullying and abuse.  It’s time we band together as victims and create regulations in the industry,” she said.

And now it’s even gone anti-Semitic, she says, pointing to a recent report in the New York Post that a reality TV host came under fire after uttering an anti-Semitic slur.

Toni and her sister Donna Snow are the hosts of “Texas Flip N Move,” a reality show where the sisters refurbish houses and then “flip” them for a profit.

In a January 12 episode, they sold a refurbished school bus to a musician. After the musician agreed to the asking price, Toni Snow expressed her surprise rather anti-Semitically.

“You’re not even gonna bicker a little bit? Jew us down?” Toni Snow said.

In a statement, officials at the DIY Network, which airs “Texas Flip N Move,” called Snow’s remark “unfortunate.”

“We were made aware of the issue shortly after it aired, and immediately pulled the episode to edit it for future broadcast,” the statement reads. “We apologize unreservedly for any offense caused.”

“Yes,” says Robinson.  “There needs to be many improvements on how reality is presented on television.”

Maybe President Trump needs to establish an FRCC, a Federal Reality Check Commission, but I don’t think he should be the head of it, do you?

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