Madame and Monsieur, What’s For Dinner Tonight? Soupe à Politique du Système de Justice?

What's For Dinner

People with strong political views shouldn’t dine on soupy criminal justice.

In fact, they should remove criminal investigations from their diet altogether, a trim looking Harvard Law Professor, Chef Alan Dershowitz, preaches in his appearances on national TV.

Instead of dining on Soupe à Politique du Système de Justice Pénale, those with strong political views should recuse themselves from criminal investigations.

Accusations of FBI bias are expected to rise after release of text messages from officials last year showing support for Hillary Clinton and describing the prospect of a Trump victory as “terrifying.”

Ironically, one of those officials became a top investigator in the inquiry into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.  Robert Mueller, the special counsel assigned to investigate the matter, removed him over the summer.

So why is Dershowitz looking so trim and fit these days at age 79?

Dersh, as he’s called by his Harvard students, says his liberal friends have forced him on a Democratic diet.  What’s that?  All veggies and no beef?

Non, the Harvard Law Chef says, thinner but unbowed.  Fellow liberals are shunning him and not inviting him to their fancy dinner parties like they used to.

Why?  Because of his views on what it will take to charge President Trump as a law breaker are many banquet tables apart from theirs.

One of the more pleasant consequences of this is that “I’m losing weight,” he jubilantly reports on Fox and Friends.

The criminal justice system needs to feast only on law statutes and the Constitution, not on a smorgasbord of political points of views that are causing indigestion in our legal system.

I concur with Dershowitz that there are only two things that could bring down the president, the same two things that brought down Nixon and Clinton.  Did he lie?  Did he cover up?  That’s it.  Where’s the beefy evidence?

In that regard Dersh is different from most liberals.  He’s basing his guilt criteria on the law and the Constitution, not on political ideology that’s already painting the President with a Russia-colluding brush way before there’s any proof.

Whatever your political leanings, please read my new book “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?” available on Amazon.

Until then, I rest my case.


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