One Way Or Another: Sayonara Paranoia.

Some worry about the name calling and invective Trump and Un are firing at each other.

Sure, if it only worked, we’d all prefer quieter diplomacy and tougher sanctions instead of this dialogue ratcheting up that sounds petty, provocative and dangerously incendiary?

Unfortunately it has become obvious that diplomacy alone won’t deter a paranoid leader bent on beating his chest, showing how mighty he is.

The reality is that it’s not that easy for just diplomacy and sanctions to stop a runaway train loaded with high explosives driven by a dictator with apparent suicidal tendencies.

Even though I’m in PR where we advocate calm, clarity and cool headedness to recover from crises, I have to say I’ve moved into the camp that believes President Trump was right to ridicule the paranoid Un at the discombobulated UN.

His speech was bold, clear, satirically timely and huuuugely appropriate.

Hopefully it will lead to more embarrassing characterizations of this brazen character who foolishly threatens nuclear war and now is about to test –egad–a hydrogen bomb.

As the stakes and missiles rise higher and higher, it reminds me of “The Great Dictator,” Charley Chaplin’s highly appropriate parody of Hitler.  It makes me wish there had been more parodies.  And still more to come.

Ridicule and satire are powerful weapons and we should not spare using them when they are as deserving and apt as in the case of Rocket Man Kim Jong Un.

Since nothing else seems to be working to stop the missiles from flying, here’s a new PR weapon to use against North Korea: the satirical poem.  Asians might respect poems more than tweets.

So here’s my satirical short poem about the North Korean’s buffoonery.   No Hillary, Trump’s words weren’t too “dark and dangerous,” but right on target and trajectory.  May one of Un’s imbecilic missiles fall on his swollen head before this buffoonery swells into another world waroonery.

Ode to Un

Does the world have room for a nuclear Un?

Don’t think so, Rocket Man.

So why light matches, threaten ashes and behave like a loon?

Is Rocket Man immune to ignominious doom?

Don’t think so, Rocket Man.

Will the round-faced ruffian with crow’s nest hairdo play out his risky Rocket Man’s dare to?

Time to fold imbecilic missile offenses before Trump tweets and thumps you senseless.

Methinks so, Rocket Man.

Please end this pulp fiction drama before terrier Trump makes you Unsocketed Man.

May your spoony buffoonery not swell into another world waroonery.

For your sake, we hope so, Rocket Man.



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