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Blogging is my therapy.  It has kept my spirits up; my attitude buoyant.  I prescribe laughter.  It’s the best medicine.  So I pump humor into my blog.  Unless you prefer crying or clenching your teeth, I suggest you laugh more about that malady called politics.

But not Stephen Marks.  He’s a client of our PR firm TransMedia Group and these days he’s not laughing.  He was the hitman in four Presidential campaigns.  His autobiography “Confessions of a Political Hit Man” was the talk of that clown town we call Washington, DC.

Currently the “Hit Man” is working on two fronts.  One is organizing GOP Members of Congress to shut down the special prosecutor probe unless it includes what he calls “wrongdoings and illegal activities by democrats to influence presidential election results.”

The other front on which he’s passionately fighting is to raise funds to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease before his 84-year-old mother dies from the disease.

First the political front.

Marks has worked on over 200 political campaigns for local, statewide, and national elections, including creating SuperPacs that helped defeat Al Gore and John Kerry.  He drove the Obama campaign crazy in 2008 airing an ad showing then-Senator Obama mocking and ridiculing the Bible.

Marks was an opposition research consultant for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Today Marks is rallying many Republican members of Congress to shut down Special Prosecutor Mueller’s ongoing investigation unless it includes what he calls “Democratic Party wrongdoings and illegal acts” as well.


WANTED: A Cure for Alzheimer’s

When Marks is not inciting Republicans on politics, he’s urging members of all parties to support finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

His 92-year-old dad, a World War II veteran, has recorded a song he sings to help raise funds for the nonprofit Stephen started:

Marks biggest complaint about the Federal Government is that its spending on Alzheimer’s research has been meager compared to spending on other diseases and it has not resulted in a single effective treatment.

So Marks the “hitman” now has a new target in his crosshairs: the federal government for its pathetically meager funding for Alzheimer’s research.

“While the significantly higher funding for cancer, HIV and leukemia have produced results and treatments that have saved millions of lives, Alzheimer’s research has produced NOTHING, and has not saved ONE life.  Alzheimer’s victims are doomed.  Not only that, with no new effective treatments in sight, as the baby boomers become seniors, Medicare and Medicaid will quickly go bankrupt.”

The song his father sings is called “Borrowed Time” as Gary Marks begs for more time before he or his wife passes.  Stephen’s new foundation has the bi-partisan support of many congressmen, including Senator Chuck Schumer.  Many members were brought to tears watching the video below.


Also see Gary performing “Borrowed Time” live at recent fund-raiser in Boca Raton, Florida: _



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