Father’s Day Circles.


                           Princess Yasmin Aga Khan at First Rita Hayworth Gala in 1983        

Circles. Those spooky, spiraling, sometimes sublime circles in our lives.

The dreams, desires and people looping back like whimsical planets in the galaxy of our wilting memory.

They can show darkly under our eyes.  Or bewilder as we run around in them.  Or when they’re super chic and Palm Beachy, we crave and aspire to join them, travel in them.

Then there are the heroic ones that come full circle, returning amazingly, strikingly and completely into our lives.  They start early, then one day climax in a flourish of irony.

One of them comes full circle for me on this fateful Father’s Day.

This circle commenced royally for me back in the 80’s when one of my first PR clients was a princess, Yasmin Aga Khan, the elegant and philanthropic daughter of the blisteringly beautiful redhead actress Rita Hayworth who married Prince Aly Khan, the richest man in the world.

Her daughter Yasmin hired me to do PR for the launch of her premiere Rita Hayworth Gala in honor of her mother who died from Alzheimer’s disease. The star-studded event hosted by Joanne Woodward and Jack Lemmon was held at the tasteful Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. It was a hit and raised over $1 million in one night for Alzheimer’s.–not too shabby back in those days.

This Father’s Day will be Déjà vu for me coming full circle as the event we’re holding at Yaacov Heller’s Gallery 22 at Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton benefits, you guessed it, Alzheimer’s.

The event from 4 to 7 pm on Father’s Day will be particularly noteworthy for our client’s 92-year-old father, a World War II veteran, who’ll sing for the first time in public a song he co-wrote with his son dedicated to his beloved wife Helen suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Call this one a sad circle, but hopefully it too will come full circle one day into funding that will find a cure for Alzheimer’s in the nick of time for 84-year-old Helen Marks and the millions of others suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Several times during the event, Gary Marks will sing “Borrowed Time” to Helen and one of her awesome impressionist paintings will be auctioned off to support research into finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The nonprofit to benefit is called Alzheime’rs Lives Matter (www.AlzheimersLivesMatter.org), a 501c3 Foundation that Helen’s son Stephen Marks created to support finding a cure for the disease.  The nonprofit foundation shares tax-deductible funds it raises with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Gary Marks, a former recording artist, sings “Borrowed Time” as a tender tribute to his wife of 64 years now slowly drifting away from him. These touching moments will happen as part of Alzheimer’s Association’s Longest Day.

The tune is about a man wishing he could borrow more time to spend with his wife before one of them passes. The song will be sold as a single on iTunes and Google Play, and seen as a music video on YouTube.  Proceeds will support Alzheimer’s research at teaching hospitals across the country.

“Those attending The Longest Day event will be showing their love and support for all those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease,” said Stephen Marks. “Please join us to show your support! Together, we will raise funds and awareness for the care, support and research efforts of both Alzheimer’s Lives Matter and its fundraising partner, the Alzheimer’s Association.”

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