Who’s George?  I’ll bet you don’t know who is George Gigicos.

Why?  Because he’s behind the scenes, many of the great scenes we see on television, like the President Trump’s triumphant arrival in Riyadh.

Guys like George are the present-day Victor Flemings directing Off to See the Wizard of Saudi Arabia . . . the modern Minnellis directing Meet Me in Riyadh . . .  the Busby Berkeleys choreographing the most elaborate productions in modern political times.

Just gaze at his images, the pomp and circumstance.  So who pulled off those pomps and planned those circumstances?  Quietly, modestly, ingeniously, advance men like my friend George.

If you want to meet Popes, Kings or Wizards, better have someone like George plan and arrange it for you just as he has done numerous times for Presidents. Then you can just click the heels of your red shoes together and off you’ll go to see your favorite wizards.

Only one catch.  To have George set things up for you, you’ll have to be a President of the United States or at least a former President for that’s the only clients for whom George works these lofty, tireless and momentous days.

George is the guy behind many of the scenes at major Presidential events.  He is the quintessential political operative known as an “advance man,” the tactician, choreographer and director who plans, orchestrates and directs major trips and events for Presidents.

He helps to prepare the venues well before the President arrives so everything goes off flawlessly like it did the other day in Saudi Arabia.

Did you happen to see on television the dedication ceremony at the opening of the George W. Bush Library?  It was attended by all the living Presidents of the United States and dignitaries from around the world?  Well George helped put that together.

Did you notice the limousines carrying presidential candidate Trump arriving at rallies during the campaign?   If so, you saw a serious-looking, stocky guy in a dark blue suit and tie waiting to greet him and usher him speedily into the auditorium.  That was George.

And by George if you watched FOX News early-morning live coverage of Trump’s first stop on his ambitious nine-day trip through the Middle East and Europe, you would’ve heard Trump’s former campaign manager Corey R. Lewandowski praise George Gigicos for putting this triumphant trip together so masterfully.

Behold the fantasy-like performances George directs of President Trump and his entourage in the Grand Arrival Scenes at the King’s palace, the Wailing Wall in Israel and the Pope’s quarters in Rome.  Then just cut!  Print!  Just rest assured that under George’s direction, it will be a keeper.

I know, I’m showing my Turner Classic Movie age comparing George to film directors of the 40’s, but so help me Louie B. Mayer, I can’t help admiring my good friend George and the work he and other advance men do so Universally, MGMly, TCMly and Paramountly.





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