Curtain rises.  .

A short time after FBI director James Comey’s firing, a memo he wrote suddenly and dramatically surfaces.  It sets off another frantic, tumultuous day at The White House.

The President is once again besieged and beside himself with rage. An article in The Washington Post has again ticked him off . . . caused shock waves throughout Washington, not to mention the President’s pummeled psyche.

The President hates the Post almost as much as The New York Times.  It’s now gone beyond fake news.  In his mind, it’s nothing but more media madness. And it’s out not to just get his goat, but to get him out of office. And now once again, he’s center stage in a DC drama called “The Memo,” which easily could have been written by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

When studying to be an actor at the HB Studio in Greenwich Village, I was a big fan of Chekhov. I loved his Uncle Vanya and appeared in his lively one-act farce, The Boor, about the fickleness of feelings and commitment.  Today I’m reminded of The Boor as that’s what our President’s detractors are trying to portray him as, someone too boorish and unfit to be President.

There is a clamor heard outside as protestors are shouting “Impeach Trump.”  They carry signs showing pictures of a beaming President meeting with giddy Russian diplomats.  Ah ha! Visual evidence! Of what, comrade?  Why Russian interference in our political system, what else?

“No politician in history has been treated worse than me,” the President tells his beleaguered staff, once again stressed out, running in different directions.

Media are frantically calling Sean Spicer’s office demanding to know if the President really asked Comey to let the President’s fired national security advisor Michael Flynn off the hook.

Today another character enters stage right, Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who’ll play the role of special prosecutor who’ll investigate “Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, and related matters,” the Justice Department said

The media cite a memo Comey said he wrote following the meeting with the President shortly after Flynn was fired back in February.  Media are demanding to know if this was a bold attempt to obstruct justice. FOX News commentators are asking why it’s surfacing now just after Comey’s firing.

For the President’s inner circle it’s just another day of hectic scrambling and riding that breathtaking roller coaster called The White House Press Corps.

According to the President’s closest advisors it’s another politically opportunistic assault on the besieged Presidency intended to upstage and smother all the progress he’s made to date on healthcare, tax reform and job creation, at least his efforts heading in those directions.

Was the media clamor and chaos designed to upstage his many bills signed, his cabinet and Supreme Court appointments made, job creation and infrastructure building strategies declared and protections applied for the health and welfare of Americans . . .  all now buried under an avalanche of negative, unrelenting press.

Like offering a cup of water to a lost desert traveler, the President’s aides rush to show Trump an interview on CNN with left-loathing law professor Alan Dershowitz.  Ahhh . . . the magic word “tone” comes up for air.

“For a president – and tone is everything – that’s why the memo has to be seen and that’s why, if there are tapes, we should hear them,” Dershowitz tells Anderson Cooper.

Hear that Schumer? Pelosi? It’s tone.  Are you tone deaf?

“I hope you can let this go,” Trump told Comey, according to the memo, the Times reported.

“He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Dershowitz said legal precedent favors Trump as commander-in-chief.

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