Mr. Colbert, your monologue — I love your monologue — I call it Gross The Nation Out!

 Yes we’ve all become inured to late night vulgarity, but you’ve succeeded to take us a notch, or crotch lower. 

Maybe you hate the POTUS OR PORTUS maybe because you’re a TORTOISE. You’re the head with the button, you schumucken.  Yes, you’re a regular Gorge Jokington: Making America Guffaw Again.

You call Trump the “presi-dunce,” but I think you’re the late night “sick-tator.” I can see you titillating more skinheads than free Rogaine. You have more people laughing at you than marching against C …

But Cir Funnyman, my wife whose daily show is battling breast cancer exhorts you to drop cancer from your comedy. There’s nothing funny there, sonny.  

Then you say charmingly, disarmingly our President talks like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head, but you’re more like the gorilla from Manila with your comedy chila. So what I’d keep in your holster is your ball bluster.

Other than that, you great in late. And later would be even greater!  



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