Our President proudly pronounces he’s “flexible.”  Good for him!  That’s the way to be in today’s ever flexing, vexing, perplexing world.

Matter of fact, so am I.  I believe it’s dumb to be so inflexible that you’re dull and worse, predictable.

You want to surprise people.  Do what they least expect and that way they’ll fear and respect you more.

So maybe I’ll run for President one day as I’m just as flexible as our pretzel president, our unpredictable commander in chief.

I like how he twists one day toward Russia, China and foreign intervention, then abruptly does the opposite you’d expect when the situation warrants.  What’s wrong with that?  I’d hate to play poker with such a pretzel.

I like that President Trump can change his mind.  Shift and fake one way and go the other like Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers.

I don’t want a leader who is predictable.  Do you?  I agree wholeheartedly with Trump that it’s good to be flexible.  You can change your mind.

Here are some examples of my own flexibility that I’m most proud of.

I used to hate Chinese food.  Now I can’t enjoy anything without Szechuan sauce on it.

I used to love my sleek BMW sports car.  Now I prefer my bloated four-door Cadillac and enjoy how it floats instead of bounces along the highway.

I was a frequent flyer for many years, but now I’ll probably never step foot on an airplane for fear of being dragged off with my nose broken unless of course airlines become more flexible and offer me $10k to give up my seat.

Once I couldn’t stand bananas.  Now I eat one a day and I can feel the potassium.

Some mornings my wife and I get into a heated arguments, but before I leave for the office we’ll hug and kiss.

Want your marriage to last as long as ours—be flexible.  Don’t just flex your muscles, be flexible in how you think and react.

Follow our President’s lead and stay flexible.



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