Why why why Mr. Trump did you do it the way you did it?   Sure, everyone knows health comes first, but not, definitely NOT, in politics! 

Of course, I’m talking to our rookie president who right off the bat plunged into the healthcare swamp and came up full of alligator autographs.  

Why?  Somebody please take President Trump’s temperature.

My MD client Mylaine Riobe  observed “He’s almost as bruised and battered from the experience as doctors have been.”

 There were so many juicier, easier targets than charging at that nightmarish Affordable Care Act windmill like a Don Trump Quixote with his Sancho Panza sidekick, House Speaker Paul Ryan.

 Please Mr. Trump, be the hero everyone expects you to be, and lower our taxes. 

 Allow me to say that again.  LOWER TAXES! 

 Next, go after our crumbling infrastructure.  Be the builder you are and stop playing doctor with healthcare.

 Also, make friends with some Dems.  With friends like Ryan, you need more moderate Democrats to join hands with, so we can get this country on the road.    The high road. 

 Forget about Making America Well Again.  MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN!!!






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