Hinged or Unhinged?

According to extensive polling conducted by MaddenMischief, the President became unhinged 121 times during his rambling, exhortative and cathartic news conference Thursday, hinged 56 times, stapled 11 times and there was one loosely put together with Double Sided Scotch Tape.

There were an equal number of rants and raves, according to survey results.

Except for his railing against criminal leaks and fake news, a majority of respondents thought the President was seemingly playful and having a good time particularly with CNN reporter Jim Acosta who  for the record said “we don’t hate you,” but MaddenMischief polling indicated most feel strongly the opposite was true.

Still in the opinion of most MaddenMischief respondents, Mr. Acosta will make a better labor secretary than a reporter.

Fact checking revealed 19.5 percent of Mr. Trump’s statements were not 100% true, like the one that said his was the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan.

Close, but no cigar, said MaddenMischief, citing President Obama did better and President George Bush whipped his ASSumption back in 1988.  But Trump did win convincingly, even if it didn’t convince Hillary.

Some controversial statements did hold up, however, like his claim that the travel ban had a very smooth rollout.  MM respondents agreed 75% to 25% that there were no explosions, fatal shootings or stabbings.

MaddenMischief survey findings found half of respondents in agreement and half in disagreement over the President’s pronouncement that he had “inherited a mess.”  The disagree’ers cite last month’s 227,000 jobs created, while a few questioned the value of jobs cooking hamburgers?”

They were also split on Mr. Trump’s description of his administration as a “fine-tuned machine.”  Some called it a runaway jet ski.   And whether he’s too friendly with Russia, some respondents said nyet.

Still the general reaction was positive and when the snickering and steaming stopped there definitely was a let’s-wait-and-see-how-much-he-delivers attitude.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TM

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  1. I’m glad u gave an unbiased opinion , given your Repub bend ! I say give him a chance , perhaps DJT will rise to the esteemed office he now holds ! Go gett’em Donny , history awaits u !

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