Like Brady, Trump Has Another Deficit To Erase To Win The Political Super Bowl.

That Super Bowl was like our lives in the sense of our constantly having to overcome deficits, right from the get go.

That amazing game was a microcosm also of politics, if not the whole human race ever struggling to cross the goal line without fumbling.

Aren’t we all born 18 points behind, not just at halftime, but right at the kickoff?

It’s a deficit we must overcome if we’re going to amount to anything.  If we’re going to win at something don’t we have to erase those devilish deficits called ignorance and inexperience before we burn our fingers and set our houses on fire?

To succeed, doesn’t there have to be a little Tom Brady in us all?   And maybe some George Washington would help.

Look at our current President and the deficit he had to overcome first to become the GOP candidate, then the bigger deficit he had to erase to win The White House.  What a Bradyesque feat or tweet that was.

And now President Trump has another deficit he has to erase, his naivety about government, about an independent “so-called” judiciary as he tweets and a legislative branch that has a propensity to fumble at the goal line.

Yes, we’re in a knock-down, drag-out scrimmage game right now over the so-called Muslim ban that many charge is being sugar coated as a just a temporary travel interruption for a few suspicious visitors from some Muslim majority countries.

Whatever it is, it’s creating once again what always seems to define DC—deadlock.

Meanwhile our country is choking on a huge deficit in spending, which a booming economy could erase in a heartbeat.

But first we’ll have to wait and see if our indefatigable, unrelenting Bradyesque President can once again erase a deficit, this time in his knowledge of how government works, which is not quite like commanding an Erector Set or building another Trump Tower.

And I believe it’s in our collective best interest that he succeeds and that America pulls it out and wins the ultimate Super Bowl in creating higher-paying jobs that lead to everyone catching their American Dream pass in the end zone.

Yes, I like luscious red cherries.  I pray we don’t wind up with just political pits.



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